Will Gardner from The Good Wife

If you’re not watching The Good Wife then you are truly missing out. Its a mature, well made show that you should check out.

Will Gardner though is the TV BOYFRIEND offering for this post.

Will is a lawyer on the show and he offers Alicia (our protagonist) a much-needed job. He is wicked smart (he’s made partner at his law firm already and the man is young) and he’s relentless in a legal battle. He apparently has a bit of a bad-boy rap to him on the show and that he stabs friends in the back, but we have yet to see that. We have seen him only as a driven man who loves the law, who wants to do the right thing but is not blind to the realities of the world. He’s also caring and pleasant to people and is not heart-less when it comes to clients.

He went out on a limb for a friend in need (Alicia) and offered her a job at his firm when she needed it most and he’s stuck by her.

Its been suggested that Will has been semi in love with Alicia since their days at school and it would appear that flame has not been extinguished. The feeling is apparently mutual and in the wake of her husband’s infidelity, she is free to explore her options if she wants to.

As usual, the How-Does-He-Treat-Women test (which I really need to think of a shortname for. Any suggestions readers?). Will is great in this regard and doesn’t seem to care about the gender of whomever he is interacting with. His legal partner is a tough/brilliant woman, who is also a feminist and they have a great working relationship (with a healthy does of competition thrown in). He does not treat the women in his office like objects or pieces of ass (which I think was the original direction for this character but I’m so glad they went a different direction).

I’m looking forward to seeing more of Will in the coming episodes and next season…heck I can barely wait for the next episode (which is tomorrow night!).

Who can resist that broken puppy dog face he was mugging at the end of episode 17!? Seriously, how Alicia resisted that is beyond me. The man looked positively heart-broken and he was wearing all of his emotions right there for the world to see.

The character is like the show however. The show exists in a space of constant grey….where there is no black and white clarity on issues or people. Everything exists in a kind of grey area and the show resists the extremes of the black/white world. Will is like that….he lives in the grey area. He makes bad decisions and good ones, hes a good person but sometimes not so much. All of the characters on this show are, even Alicia and especially her cheating husband Mr Big (re: Chris Noth and I’m trying hard to call him by the name Peter :P).

Everyone on this show is essentially human in a pure way. So while Will is doesn’t belong in the golden-boy group of so man men here, he doesn’t belong in the bad-boy group either. He’s truly a mix of both, truly human.

In regards to shipping this show, its again a grey area. While the story between Alicia and Peter is really compelling and I want to see them work their marriage out….I can’t help but want to see Alicia have a little bit of fun first. She’s not tied down any longer to this marriage and she has an out. She’s been hurt to the core of her being by the one person she thought she could trust the most. I would hate to see her settle for her husband. Will has loved her for a very long time and it might be nice for her to move on. Whichever way it goes it will be compelling.

And Will is hot….so thats an added bonus.

A first for TV BOYFRIENDS….embedded video! oooooo. I had to include this here because Will Gardner gets even more TVB points simply based on the way he kisses. He kisses like a man from an Austen novel. I think the actor did some major P&P/Emma watching before shooting this scene….and I think he may have watched North and South (by Gaskell). The man can kiss. Whoa. You don’t need to watch the entire scene, just until about the 1:07 mark.

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